Wiper Premium J Serie

Wiper Premium J Serie


All J series models have a function called blade modulation. When robot has to cut higher grass in some points of the garden, its blades start increasing the working speed to cut it better off. The blade comes to the normal speed back in the areas where it meets shorter grass. While intelligent spiral function allows the robot software to keep under control speed blade and put the intelligent spiral into work to cut better the garden area, robot starts following a different route automatically when it meets an obstacle or perimetral cable or it arrives in a steep slope.


J series models are equipped with electronic bump sensors which allow a bigger perception in recognizing obstacles even of small dimensions.


Patented robot wheels allows to the machine to have an efficient traction whether in flat garden or in garden with 45% slope. The particular barycenter allows robot’s turning, avoiding useless drive, making possible an easier bidirectional driving.


All models are equipped with rain sensors which allows the robot to come back to the docking station if it rains. This function can be easily turn from customer off.


XK and XH J models are equipped with self-programming function, too: when robot come to the docking station back, it checks how power blade engine has been used in percentage during the grass cutting. In case that it has not been used more than 80%, it puts in stand-by for a cycle avoiding waste energy and a worthless garden cutting.


In order to guarantee a full active and inactive safety, J series is equipped with blade protection and security system which stops cutting blade immediately when customer takes the robot through the handle placed to the double-ended of the machine. Stop button is placed in the centre upper cover of the robot.


J XK model, a part of all functions presented in J series, also has mowed grass detection function. Robot can recognize cutting areas in the garden optimizing the total surface through an uniform cutting. In case that it does not meet an area to cut, it comes to the docking station back.